Oyster Issue 115: The Survival Issue
Oyster Issue 115: The Survival Issue

Oyster Issue 115: The Survival Issue

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The Survival Issue.

We, reading this, are a wave of humans who hold commendation in an urge to do no harm. We’re all out here trying to change the world; trying to save the world. We want to protect the universe, we want zero-waste fashion, we want to boost each other and be conducive to each other’s lives. Spat into a world, we’ve realised, built with a set of instructions written by one type of person and designed to fail for everyone else.

 So, when harm does come: we listen, we believe and we stand up fast. To make it out alive, we find solace in simple things and we find confidence in the deep pits of once self-diagnosed flaws. We turn to deities of strength, endurance and self-preservation. We keep an eye on comebacks and can’t-live-withouts. 

Featuring exclusive shoots and interviews with Liv Tyler, Alice Glass, Bria Vinaite and more, this is Oyster #115: The Survival Issue.


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