Oyster Issue 117: The Unreal Issue
Oyster Issue 117: The Unreal Issue
Oyster Issue 117: The Unreal Issue
Oyster Issue 117: The Unreal Issue

Oyster Issue 117: The Unreal Issue

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To say ‘unreal’ in Australia is to compliment with vigour. But sit on the word a little longer and it speaks differently to a new, young, global generation. Unreal is fake news and faker Instagram feeds, technology that is quicker dreamed into reality than it is asked for, and distant future fantasies that rely less on kink and more on survival. Unreal is the lips, cheeks and noses of your mates who might just be the new punks as we slide into an age where facial recognition technology, with no clear intention, is tucked into apps with terms we blindly accept.

But what’s more interesting when we look at things that are not actual, are the unrealities in which we seek refuge, while we wait for new realities to come true. We live happily in simulations of what we hope our lives could be. Ultimately, we fake it so we can make it. Lurching through spaces where for real is faux real.

Issue highlights include: 

  • Master of our reality (TV) Paris Hilton, in convo with her sis Nicky
  • Staunch David Sims/Luc Besson muse Lera Abova
  • A very magic Maleficent: Mistress of Evil inspired series of fashion stories featuring Aus fash queen Emma Balfour, IRL Wiccan Talulah Morton, and actual angel Phoebe Combes
  • Mac Demarco's casual existential dread
  • Collier Schorr on fascination and fantasy
  • Surreally cool beauty legend Princess Gollum
  • Madeleine Madden aka the Australian dream/hope
  • Real deal Kembra Pfahler
  • Raw deal Amyl and the Sniffers
  • Steve Hiett's beautiful mistakes
  • Ann Ray on seeing Lee Alexander McQueen


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